I’m Maria, mom to a beautiful angel who hasn’t reached her first birthday yet, Daphne, and wife to the man of my life! We were all born, raised and live in a small town, Chania, in the island Crete of Greece. I’ve been an English teacher for four years while my husband owns a couple of businesses in our city. This blog is about our life together and about other things that may concern every stunning woman like you!

I’m really glad you’re here! Thank you so much for caring enough to read these lines.

About the mommy behind Stunning Mommying


Giving birth to my adorable daughter in March 2017 made me want to create a site where I would be able to express my feelings and share my days as a new mom. I thought I wanted  to blog about pretty much everything about my new everyday life and thoughts, blessed as I was to be given the chance to raise a child of my own.

That’s how I came up with Stunning Mommying, my blog that provides me with so much joy by making me write and feel productive: besides, I’m one of those people that can’t live without productivity, creation. I need creative outlets in my life! I need to cope with things that need to be taken care of and then watch them grow. I need to have mental places to run to every time I feel like it, so this is what the blog is actually about. And writing is something I love doing; I’ve been writing since I was a little girl and actually, I used to have another blog before this one, about issues that had to do with love and relationships.


The first thing I did after I had found out I was pregnant was surf the net and search for scientific articles that would inform me about what was happening to my body and baby at that time. Until the day I finally gave birth to Daphne I had read hundreds of such articles concerning pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, raising our little ones and much more. I would create boards on Pinterest with anything I wanted to remember, I’d bought a notebook so that I could keep notes, signed up in different newsletters (of doctors etc)… I never stopped trying to learn new things and double-check their validity and I still do that because of course, as Daphne grows, new issues pop up that I need to be up-to-date with.

So, it’s true that it’s me who has written everything on this blog but I promise you, my information is collected from numerous sources that are really trustworthy; collecting it took months for me. My aim is to inform new mothers or stunning preggers on issues that they may find interest in so be sure that I’m really trying to provide you with the best and most trusted advice there is!


Being someone who loves lists, I thought it would only be suitable for me to write one right here, in order to present to you some facts about me, who I am and what this blog is all about, after all.

So, will you be sticking around after you’ll read the following?

Who I am:

  1. A passionate woman that’s always in search for the healthiest and most qualitative ways to raise our kids.
  2. A supporter of natural ways in general.
  3. Someone willing to change her mind, reconsider and adjust her beliefs to new ones if I understand that something Ι thought was right, isn’t.
  4. A wonan wishing (and determined!) to help even one person through this blog’s posts!
  5. Someone who needs her own space once in a while, craves freedom and independence. Of course by these I don’t mean I want to run away from my family! I just can’t cope with anyone making me do things I don’t want to do.
  6. A proud wife, because I see how wonderful my husband is as a father and that makes me love him even more (you know, supposing this is possible!). He adores our little girl and she does as well! I’ve only dreamt of all these things happening to us when I first met him, and seeing where we are now always makes me so emotional!

What I’m not:

  1. A doctor! I’m just someone that has read like, a lot of things about what I’m posting. I love learning new things and making healthy changes to my family’s lifestyle.
  2. Persistent on changing someone’s opinion on something if they really won’t seem to understand what my point is! Everyone has the right to stick to what they believe, as long as they don’t offend anyone else in any way.

What Stunning Mommying fosters:

  1. More natural ways of giving birth and raising children. I support breastfeeding especially, with everything I’ve got!
  2. That preggers have to be informed on what’s happening to them and their babies throughout their pregnancies. Stunning pregnant mothers should also have a birth plan which they’ll discuss with their health providers and try to stick to it as much as possible.
  3. The principles of Attachment Parenting which encourages breastfeeding, babywearing, immediate response to baby’s crying and needs and more.
  4. That mommies should try to make time for themselves throughout the day, so that they can do things that please and relax them. Mommies need to be strong to face everyday situations that come up when having a family and a house to take care of!
  5. That a father’s role in the house isn’t secondary. All daddies should be encouraged to participate in the children’s routine in any way they can, because their kids need their presence just as much they need their mother’s.

And nοw that we’ve come this far and you know all these things about me, well… there’s so much more of me left for you to find out through the blog!

If you’ve already found to be anything like me, you’re more than welcome to stick around so that we can get to meet and know each other.


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Whatever you choose to do from here, I honestly want to thank you for reading this text.

Again, welcome to Stunning Mommying!